Poni Cosmetics



To engage top-tier influencers to promote the special edition Poni Cosmetics Christmas gift boxes and Esmi Skin Treats via social media in the lead up to Christmas.

The Campaign

During the four-week social media campaign, we secured brand partnerships with top tier influencers for Poni Cosmetics and Esmi Skin Minerals.  Working within a set budget provided by the client, we negotiated with and managed the influencers to secure collaborations.  12 brand collaborations were secured within the budget and within the timeframe.


The Red Republic works with Topdeck travel for both brand research on market share, consumer behaviour and personas along with manage an annual research report to showcase global and regionalised travel trends within the 18-35’s market that is qualified data issued to media outlets.

This consumer research forms part of the voice of authority strategy for the brand to position it as not only the leader in travel trends but all youth focused issues. The Red Republic annually drafts these themes and data outcomes to ensure new and topical results to share along with YoY reflections.

Strategy & Tactics

The Red Republic embarked on a consumer and trade based strategy that aimed to position Topdeck as a leader in youth travel market. The strategy’s consumer editorial focus set the agenda for trending destinations and highlighted the benefits of group travel to the younger demographic. Whilst the interview lead trade focus helps to ensure Topdeck is front of mind with agents and people who face consumers daily on behalf of the brand.

The Red Republic also manages all media famils, seeding and launch events throughout the year, with two major events held annually with European Summer the main annual focus.


Campaign highlights: The Pineapple Republic engaged with over 70 influencers, gained 40 rate cards, co-ordinated influencer gifting and successfully allocated the client’s budget.


influencer collaborations

2.7 Million

influencer reach

The PR strategy has a scoring system that was created to ensure key messages, objectives and brand assets are included within editorial to further increase SEO ranking from engaging with third party audiences to align with the digital marketing strategy to retarget the audience.

Additionally, by using key influencers and top tiered targets, the PR strategy further increases the brands awareness while also using story telling to change brand perception.

A brand asset strategy also aligns with the PR strategy to ensure that the brand is getting the best value with the opportunity reuse content across its owned channels such as The Collective (brands blog) and social channels.

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